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Stam-Dent Dental Ltd. is a family enterprise, which was established in 1995.
Seat:  Bő, Táncsics street 2.

Bő is situated in western Hungary, near the Austrian border. Next town is Bükfürdő which is famous of its thermal water, wellness and spa services. The town Bük is 5km, Szombathely is 25 km, Kőszeg is 25 km, Sárvár is 25 km and Sopron is 45 km away from the village Bő.

In our dentistry, our well-qualified colleagues are waiting for you providing quality service. Our dental clinic provides various services for our patients, starting from oral hygiene counselling to the most complicated prosthetic dentistry. The first consult, assessment of dental status and preparing a preliminary calculation of costs are all FREE. Please feel free to contact our clinic with trust, so that we can give you extra discount from individual prices.

Address of the private clinic is:  Bő, Táncsics street 2.
Phone number: (0036)-94-386-101
          Dr. Stamler József - dentist
          Dr. Stamler Brigitta - dentist
          Dr. Stamlerné Horváth Gyöngyi - dental hygienist

Stam-Dent Dental Ltd was extended in 2009. In the regional clinic of Sopronhorpács we are responsible for the Hungarian Social Insurance financed dental care of patients from the villages of Egyházasfalu, Gyalóka, Répcevis, Sopronhorpács, Szakony, Und, Völcsej and Zsira.
We are affectionately waiting for patients from this region.

Address of the regional clinic: Sopronhorpács, Fő street 14.
Phone number: (0036)-99-365-477
          Dr. Stamler Brigitta - dentist
          Dezső Anita - dental assistant



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